Rocio Semino


March 2024: Thrilled to announce our new publications on the microscopic mechanism of amorphization of ZIF-4 and on the parameterization and critical assessment of force matching and iterative Boltzmann inversion force fields for modelling ZIF-8. Congratulations to Emilio Méndez and Cecilia Alvares for their brilliant work!

December 1st 2023: Congratulations to Emilio Méndez on getting the 1st poster prize in the Quantum2 CECAM workshop!

November 15th 2023: We are glad to welcome Hari Haran Sudhakar for his PhD in our group and wish him lots of success and a happy life in Paris!

September 24-27th 2023: The MAGNIFY team is at EuroMOF! Please come to visit us in our talks and posters to learn more of what we are currently investigating.

March 1st 2023: We welcome today Emilio Méndez for a postdoc in our group and hope he will have a pleasant and productive stay in France!

February 9th 2023: Congratulations to Cecilia Alvares for the release of our pre-print on applying MARTINI coarse graining force fields to MOFs!

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February 1st 2023: We are happy to welcome Sahar Andarzi Gargari as a PhD student in our group and wish her the best for her research and new life in France!

September 1st 2022: Delighted to announce that as of today I am part of the permanent staff of the PHENIX laboratory, Sorbonne Université/CNRS, Paris.

August 1st 2022: ** HIRING!** We are receiving applications to work on the MAGNIFY project until August 10th.

July 2022: ** HIRING! ** Please check out the Job Opportunities tab to find out more about the MAGNIFY project, funded by the European Research Council

June 30th 2022: Proud to announce the release of our pre-print on modelling MOFs self-assembly, a joint work with Salvador R. G. Balestra.

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